Current release: 0.5
Get it here

cpConverter is a simple utility to change the code page of plain text based files (text files, subtitle files, source code files, etc.) and it is aimed for the Linux gnome environment.

You can convert to and from any of the 84 code pages the program supports (UTF, Latin 1, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Russian etc.)

You can select to convert a single or multiple files at once and also you have the option (turned on by default) of making a backup of your file(s) before converting, and preview the file(s) in a separate multitab window to see if you have selected the proper encoding.

Requirements are Python 2.5.2 and PyGTK 2.12.1, but as most Linux distros have these pre-installed then most likely you don’t need to install any of these two.

Currently there is no setup file coming inside the  distributed .tar archive, so you just unzip it wherever you want and run it either from the command line or by double-clicking the ‘cpConverter.py‘ file (remember to give executable permissions before hand.)

Download it from here.

cpConverter is released under the Gnu GPL license, that means it is free software.

For reporting bugs, recomendations for the program or whatever else, send either an e-mail (you can find it inside the ‘README‘ file) or leave a comment here.

cpConverter preview window

cpConverter preview window


6 comments so far

  1. akis on


  2. Andrew on

    In my project I have been thinking about how to convert such files for a week now – and then I found your program – it saved me a lot of work!

  3. Theo on

    Yparxei periptwsh na to vgaleis kai gia Windows OS?

  4. Yorgos on

    εδω την πατησαμε γιατι με ubuntu 12.04 δεν δουλευεεεε……

  5. Aleksandar on

    How to choose one language for “Encode from” to be default (instead of Greek)?

    • Aleksandar on

      I’ve found it in code.
      Find self.cbGen.set_active(10) in cpConvert.py
      Number 10 reffers to Greek. Change that number for choosing another language as default language.

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